Firefox 7 Aurora for Android is now available to download

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Mozilla firefox 7 Aurora for Android

Mozilla can be termed as one of the most dynamic technical genius in the market though the company started with the aim of developing a complete software suite and ended up making just web browsers one cannot count out the progress that they have made in this field. Mozilla Corporation is following a rapid development program in which they have planned to release for the rapid release of the alpha and beta version of all their new products. The Mozilla Firefox 7 Aurora is a result of the same rapid release plan and is definitely one of the most advanced things when it comes to browsers for the Android operating system.

So let us try to see exactly what the Firefox Aurora brings to the table. The company had already released the Aurora beta version of the desktop, but for Android OS the Aurora browser is only now available for pre-Beta download. It is pretty obvious that the mobile version of the browser comes with a wide range of features that were already included in the desktop version of the software however it is cool to see that the developers have not really taken the well trodden path in the development of the mobile version.

Amongst the improvements that the official press release came up with there are several memory optimizations that are aimed at speeding up the page render time of the browser on Android. Also the text selection feature has finally been included in this version of the field although the company has agreed that they have not perfected the feature (since they do not use Android widgets) they have assured to come up with the better version of the same in the upcoming releases.

Session history restoration is another feature that is coming to the Android version of the browser. The browser always used to store session history as to which tabs were open and web pages were being browsed however the backward and forward history of each tab did get erased but now tech company has decided to do away with that and store the backward and forward history of all tabs post restoration.

Also the automatic language selection feature comes to this version of the mobile browser as well now you will not need to wade through the different screen to set up a default language for your browser once selected that shall remain selected forever and all pages shall be rendered in that language.

Users shall also enjoy start up and painting speed ups a ginger bread theme and various small Android menu improvements. The browser till now was not made available to download on the Android marketplace but the company is considering that option as well so that this can be made available with the beta and final releases as well.

However Softpedia is giving away the software for free from its site and it can be downloaded from Softpedia here.

Firefox Mobile Aurora 7 Video Demo:


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