Best Android Apps [2011-October 10]: [xSpeedPlayer- Top app]

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Great Little War Game, AudioSpeedChange- xSpeedPlayer and Untappd :

Best Android Apps [2011-October 10]:

1. Great Little War Game:

Great Little War Game for android


Belonging to the genre of arcade and action, this is a 3D turn-based strategy game which is packed with comical style and lots of excitement. Supporting vibrant visuals, diverse terrain types, units and banks of humor, you will be able to use the multi-player, campaign and skirmish modes of game play.


  • Simple and intriguing game play.
  • 4 diverse difficulty settings.
  • Re playability.

Price: Rs. 145.66

Size: Varies with device

Requires: Android 2.2 and up

Developers’ Link: Rubicon Development

Download Link:

2. AudioSpeedChange- xSpeedPlayer:

AudioSpeedChange-xSpeedPlayer app for android


This is quite an innovative app which will allow playback speed variation of audio in a simple and easy manner, without even shifting the pitch. So, you will be able to save on time while listening to audiobooks or podcasts, and even accelerate the brain power.


  • change of speed from 25% to 400%.
  • exporting of audio.

Price: Free

Size: 376 KB

Requires: Android 1.6 and up

Developers’ Link: tidahouse

Download Link:

3. Untappd:

Untappd - android app


This is a socially innovative step which allows the user to track, rate and share with friends the information on what beers he/she is enjoying at the moment and at which place. Moreover, the common features of social networking as earning of badges, seeing of trends, uploading of photos, and real-time notifications makes the app quite interesting.


  • provides integration with Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook.
  • Geo-location is enabled.

Price: Free

Size: 3.1 MB

Requires: Android 1.1 and up

Developers’ Link: Untappd

Download Link:

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